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Laser Cut Close Tolerance Truss Tube for Construction Industry

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A client from the construction industry approached us seeking a cost-effective solution for manufacturing steel truss tubes. Our 3-D lasers proved ideal for fabricating these truss tubes at high repeatability and close tolerances of 0.040". 3-D laser technology eliminated the machining steps and allowed us to produce the part at lower cost. Made from hot rolled pickled sheets, the truss tubes weighed 2.5 lbs with dimensions of 15.65" in length, 1" in width, and 1" in height. The tubes were finally shrink-wrapped and delivered to the client in 3 weeks.

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Laser Capabilities Applied / Processes Saw,3-D 4 KW Laser
Tightest Tolerance +/- 0.040"
Material Thickness 0.065"
Product Length 15.65"
Product Width 1.00"
Product Height 1.00"
Product Weight 2.5 LBS
Laser Cutting Methods 3 D Laser
Base Material Steel
Material Used Hot Rolled, Pickled, and Oiled Sheet
Packaging Pallet/ Shrink Wrap
Industry Used for Construction Industry
Volume 500 EAU
Delivery Time 3 week
Standards Met Customer Supplied Drawing
Drawing Type Accepted DXF/ DWG/ PDF/ TIF/ FAX
Product Description This part proved to be ideal for our 3-D Laser. We were able to fixture the part on the laser to insure a close tolerance and repetition. We were able to produce the part at a lower cost to our customer because of the machining steps were eliminated.

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