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Laser Cut Tight Tolerance Utility Area Trays without Part Distortion

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In this laser cutting fabrication project, Fuller Welding and Fabricators, Inc. faced the challenge of manufacturing tight tolerance utility area trays without any part distortion. During fabrication, we also focused on avoiding any possible distortion or flaring of holes close to the bends. Using press brakes fitted with very small dies, our staff accomplished the bends without any deformation, maintaining tolerances close to 0.004". The part measuring 16.635" in length and 8.325" in width was fabricated through a sequence of laser cutting, press brake forming, welding, grinding, as well as PEM insertion operations. Our 4 KW laser enabled us to precisely cut 0.090" thick aluminum sheets for subsequent bending operations.

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Capabilities Applied/Processes Laser
Press Brake
PEM Inserter
Tightest Tolerance + 0.004" / - 0.002"
Material Thickness 0.090"
Product Length 16.635"
Product Width 8.325"
Product Height 2.315"
Product Weight 3.1 lbs
Bend Angle 60º + 90 º Angles
Laser Cutting Method 4 KW Laser
Base Material Aluminum
Material Used for Laser Cutting 5052 Aluminum Sheet
Packaging Pallet / Shrink Wrap
Industry for Use Crane Production
Volume 150 Pieces, EAU
Delivery Time 1 Week
Standards Met Customer Supplied Drawings
Drawing Type Accepted DXF
Product Description This laser cut utility tray posed a challenge due to the tight tolerances and possible deformation during the forming process. The holes that are close to the bends tend to flare or distort. We had to resort to very small dies in the press brake to accomplish the bends without deformation or getting out of tolerance. The bend sequence is another element that must be considered in order to efficiently produce this part.

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