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Metal Fabricated & Laser Cut Tilt Frame Assembly for Street Cleaning Equipment

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We manufactured this tilt frame assembly through a combination of laser cutting, welding, and grinding. The frame assembly, widely used to mount street sweeping equipment to a cab and chassis, needed a weld fixture to accommodate the required tolerances. Using CAD/CAM software, our team designed custom fixtures for the assembly. After 3-D modeling, we laser cut the custom fixtures to attain tolerances of +/- 0.010". Based on customer specification, the 114.54" x 56.65" tilt frame assemblies were fabricated from hot rolled, pickled, and oiled steel sheets. Prior to delivery, the frame assemblies were coated with 3 mil thick polyurethane powder to obtain a semi-gloss white finish.

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Capabilities Applied / Processes Laser
Press Brake
Powder Coating
Tightest Tolerance +/- 0.010"
Material Thickness 7 GA. HR, ¼" HR, ½" HR
Product Length 114.54"
Product Width 56.65"
Product Height 37.89"
Bend Angle Multiple Angles
Laser Cutting Methods 3 KW Laser
Base Material Steel
Material Thickness Applied (Plating/ Powder Coating/ Painting) 3 Mil Polyurethane Powder
Material Used Hot Rolled, Pickled, and Oiled Sheet
Color Semi-Gloss White
Industry Used for Industrial Street Sweepers
Volume 5 Assembly/Month
Delivery Time 2 Weeks
Standards Met Customer Supplied Drawings
Drawing Type Accepted DXF/DWG/ PDF/ TIF/ FAX
Product Description This is a laser cut frame assembly used to mount street sweeping equipment to a cab and chassis. The initial challenge for this assembly was creating weld fixture to accommodate the tolerances. We accomplished this by designing fixtures with our CAD/CAM software. From there we were able to laser cut fixtures to obtain the desired tolerances.

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